Everything you need to know about DRIKLUX 1 Slot leather travel Watch case

A wrist watch is a significant accessory for folks. It’s a fashion statement and a reflection of the wearer’s character. Collecting watches may become an obsession, and for those who prefer to wear all of their watches while traveling, watch care is a concern. If you intend to travel with watches that you don’t wear all the time, acquire a watch case. A watch case protects your wristwatches whether you’re traveling or storing your collection of watches in your wardrobe. Watch travel cases are available in a wide range of designs, materials, and prices, just like there are many watch types and models.

DRIKLUX is a supplier brand that offers watch rolls, watch cases and watch safes, etc. We offer a wide range of watch cases for all kinds of watches. We have different models of watch cases or rolls in different sizes. In this article, I’ll brief you on one of our watch’s cases, its model number is 1W-PU-B.

Our watch cases are essential to keep your watch safe and free of scratches wherever you are and at any time. The materials for a high-quality case include black PU that has been manually polished and cleaned. Its exterior gives a smooth touch-feeling surface. Its interior is made of camel velvet. It is rectangular. It is a one-slot leather watch case. The case is 180*80*50mm in size.

The interior of it is designed in such a way that the watch can fit easily. A leather divider is included within the case to safeguard the watch. There are ties on the opposite end to hold an additional belt for the watch. It has a zipper closure that helps to keep the case closed. It is portable and light, yet strong enough to protect watches while traveling, whether checking your suitcase or carrying on.

It can fit practically anywhere in a bag or backpack, including pockets, nooks, and crannies. Its flat shape makes it as simple to tuck into a bag as it is to put a folder into a filing cabinet. This watch case is used to travel with, show or store a watch while keeping it tidy and protected from drops and knocks. Its outer shell is robust enough to survive a few knocks, and the watch fits in it firmly without moving about or becoming scratched or damaged.

This case will be an ideal watch travel case. It acts as a travel box, efficiently protects the watch, and takes up minimal room in the bag. Its secure closure also prevents accidents and enables transport reliably.

Our Advantage

We (DRIKLUX) have more than 8 years of experience as a supplier. We specialize in creating custom designs for unique tastes and specific demands. All of our products are OEM-acceptable. Our service ensures the quality of the products.

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