Watches have evolved dramatically from their initial inventions. Technology is always evolving, and watches are no exception. They now have a wider range of features and aesthetic options and are more luxurious. Advanced watches are automatic. An automatic watch is a well-crafted piece of machinery, and much like your automobile or any other complicated mechanism, it works best when it is used rather than sitting about. There are several gears, levers, and springs inside your watch, all of which are lubricated with a very fine oil to maintain the watch’s best performance. We discovered that we had more watches than wrists, thus it was difficult to maintain our automatic timepieces. Fortunately, there are devices on the market that let you put your watch down without worrying about having to wind it back up when you pick it up again. These devices, which go by the name of automated watch winders, may add value to any watch enthusiast’s collection.

What is a watch winder?

A watch winder is a complex electronic device designed to keep an automatic watch wound when it is not being worn, preventing the battery reserve from running out.  it spins the timepieces in a manner that mimics the movement of the wrist.  This aids in maintaining the date and time settings. Self-winding watches can be kept ready and prepared for use whenever their owner deems it suitable by using a watch winder.  Watch winders come in a variety of designs and sizes. While some function as safes, some seem like little jewelry boxes.

DRIKLUX is a supplier brand that offers watch winders, watch cases, safes, etc. We offer a wide range of watch winders of all kinds. We have different models of watch winders in various sizes. In this article, we’ll discuss DRIKLUX AUTOMATIC DOUBLE WATCH WINDER WITH DRAWER-S202.

Specifications of S202

It features FIVE MODES FOR ROTATION. It is capable of winding two watches. Black microfiber leather and velvet make up the interior of this watch winder, and it has an Ebona apy high gloss finish on the outside. Power Adapter serves as its power source. The logo is created with a laser, hot stamp, silkscreen, and more. It uses a window made of acrylic glass and features deluxe piano baking varnish. It uses a Mabuchi motor and premium soundproof acrylic.

Features of S202

  • This watch winder includes a multifunctional touch screen. It does loop winding and is simple to use.
  • The watch can be positioned in 360 degrees thanks to its unique, patented design.
  • Additionally, it includes stretch automatic adaptations that are adaptable and flexible, making them appropriate for watch faces and bands of any size.
  • It is anti-magnetic, rotates quietly, and stops when opened.
  • It has a telescoping cushion and LED lighting.

Reasons to Buy Watch Winder

  1. The oils in the movement mechanisms are constantly being circulated, which increases the overall lifespan of your watch’s movement.
  2. The trouble of needing to manually wind and reset your watch after a few days of not wearing it is removed by having a watch winder.
  3. Watch enthusiasts don’t have to worry about their watches that aren’t being worn to lose power.

Our Advantage

We(DRIKLUX) have more than 8 years of experience as a supplier. We specialize in creating custom designs for unique tastes and specific demands. All of our products are OEM-acceptable. Our service ensures the quality of the products.

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