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A watch is a symbol of time and wearing a watch implies respect for the importance of time. Keeping it safe from damage is necessary as well as its protection from dust, moisture, etc. An apparatus used for the safety of a watch is called Safe. The main purpose of the watch safe is to keep the appearance of the watch as new as possible. Also to prevent dust and particles in the air from corroding and abrading the surface of the watch. Watch safes are also transformed over the years. The latest safe watches come with new features. An ordinary watch safe can only keep your Manual watch or automatic watch appearance as new. It is absolutely good for manual watches. But for an automatic watch, one needs a winder safe. These safes come with the function of wind machines.

DRIKLUX is a brand that offers products like watch boxes, jewellery boxes, watch winders, watch rolls and watch safes, etc. They offer a wide range of watch safes for automatic watches. They have different models of automatic watch safes in different sizes.

An automatic watch winder safe comes with the function of a winder. Winder is a device used to keep an automatic watch running when not worn. Automatic watches are equipped with rotors that move only when one wears them which helps in keeping the mainspring wound. If not worn it won’t wind and operate as it no longer receives power. So to keep automatic watches alive, winder safes are vital. Winder can help in prolonging the life of the watch while keeping it accurately telling time. Because of windery, you don’t have to wind it up manually. Automatic watch winder safes can also be used to protect manual watches. They also have drawers below the wind machine. These provide a safe place for the important stuff.

Driklux offers six different models of automatic watch winder safes in different sizes, designs and features. One of them is the Automatic Leather Watch Winder Safe-Wex. It has an imported motor. Its motor is Mabuchi. Its gear is designed for improved performance. It adopts high-quality soundproof acrylic. Its size is 52.5cm*56.5cm*100cm. It has five rotation modes, forward-backwards, rotating and circulating. It rotates clockwise, counter-clockwise or alternately. It has two power supply modes: a battery or a charger.

The interior material of the safe is microfiber leather. Its material is MDF. It provides a one-year quality warranty for products. It has flexible pillows to support various watch sizes, good quality and unique designs.  It gives gentle rotation that keeps your watches wound and ready to wear when you need them.

It’s a nice gift for watch collectors who own many automatic watches. Without any doubt, our automatic watch winder safe can extend the shelf life of your automatic watches.

We ensure the quality of products. We have a complete supply chain system to ensure the delivery cycle. Our cost is lower than the market’s rates.

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