Watch Winders; Everything You Need To Know

Watch winder is a device that keeps automatic mechanical watches fully wound when you are not wearing them. Automatic winding watches use the natural motion of your arm to wind themselves throughout the day. But in order for them to stay fully wound, they must receive daily wear and use.

In order to keep these self-winding watches running on the days you are not wearing them, they must be kept in motion, and this is where a watch winder comes into play.

Winders can come in many various designs and styles. They can either be plug-in or battery-powered. And can either hold one or multiple watches. Simply depending on the model. When properly configured, a watch winder stimulates the effects of being worn, rotating the watch throughout the day and preventing it from exhausting its power reserve.

This means that your watch will always be running and ready to go whenever you decide you want to wear it.

First and foremost, a watch winder is important for only watches that work and feature automatic winding mechanical movements. A watch winder will do absolutely nothing if you have a traditional hand wind model (for instance, a quartz watch). As they are designed to work with a watch’s automatic winding mechanism.

If you own multiple automatic watches and alternate between them regularly, then a winder will save you the hassle of resetting your watches each time you want to wear them. On the other hand, if you only own one watch and wear it every day, then a watch winder may not be necessary.

And the only reason why you would want to use one would be if your watch was just not receiving enough motion throughout the day to keep it running until the next morning.

Additionally, if the only watches you own are simple time-only or time-and-date models, then you may not find it inconvenient to reset your watches each time you want to wear them. However, if you own multiple watches with the latest features, such as day-date displays, annual or perpetual calendars, moon phase complications, or any combination of these, then constantly resetting them can become a bit of a pain. So watch winder is best for this job.

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