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Shop for high quality shaker. Professional manufacturer of accessories.
Extremely quite motor & gentle winding . It is your best choice.

Other wise, Imported motor and gear design for improved shown
Chances are some automatic will stop after a few days of not being worn. Resulting in having to reset the time, date and some other functions
Still Rotates clockwise, counter-clockwise or alternate
what’s more, Flexible pillow to support various sizes, good quality and unique design, this will fully meet requirement

What’s more, adoopts high quality microfiber leather for the interior decoration.

On the other hand, The market ordinary watch winder implement uses the ordinary Pu skin to do the interior decoration, then it will peel off if you use it for a long time.

After uses ultra-fibre leather and is more wear-resistant for a long time without peeling.

Choose The Mode At a Time No need to operate again

Five Rotation Mode Forward-Backward Rotating Circulating Winding

Turely, Mode of operation: for 24-hour Rotating

Convergence of German craft design wisdom for
Interior combined piano paint with PU leather after

In a word, Just like Multi-digit password combination to lock

The box stamped by a Large machine tool with good defence capability.

Humanized design,adopt environmental LED light, No longer have to worry about picking up watches at night.

The power switch and direction of rotation can be adjusted to your favorite mode

As a result, A nice gift for watch collectors who own many brands of automatic watches

Gentle rotation keeps your watches wound and ready to wear when you need it

Imported motor and gear design for improved performance

As i have shown, Flexible pillow to support various watch sizes, good quality and unique design, this watch winder will fully meet your expectations.