Why You Should Buy A Watch Winder?

A watch winder keeps automatic watches running when not worn. They use a rotating weight inside the watch to turn the winding mechanism inside the clock. When the watch is worn, the weight stops turning and the winding mechanism stops operating. So, in order to keep a watch running, you must put it on your wrist every once in awhile. A watch winder can be useful if you have more than one automatic watch. For example, if you go out of town and leave your watch at home, you won’t have to worry about it running down.

Choosing a Watch Winder

They are worth the money because they will keep your watch on schedule and ready to wear whenever needed. Watch winders are completely safe for your watch. In fact, they are safer than leaving your watch alone. A watch windener will only keep your watch running for a few minutes each day. After that, it will stop until you take it off and put it back on your wrist. So, if you are worried about your watch getting damaged, a watch winder is a great solution.

Features on Winders

Most winders come with a few features that you should pay attention to. You must buy a winder that rotates in both the clockwise & counterclockwise direction. Usually there is a setting that alternates from one to the other throughout the day. I think it is important to vary both the direction of the oscillating weights and the amount of time between on and off periods to ensure equal wear in both directions. Some old automatic watches only wind in either direction, so it is essential to buy a winder with dual rotation capabilities.

Who Should Buy A Watch Winder?

Quite a number of customers ask if they should buy a watch winders. If you have a small group of watches and you like changing things up by wearing a different watch every day, then you might want to make the investment into a winder. If you are not very physically active on any given day you may want to remove your watch at night and use a watch winder to make sure it keeps on time. If you are elderly or have had any recent changes to your physical activity levels, a watch winder can be a great help to keep your favorite watch on time and always prepared to wear.

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